The top 5 best free games on iPhone

It’s almost the end of the year, so it’s time to know which are the best free games available on iPhone, specifically the Apple Store! This way, you won’t miss the applications of the moment! After the top 5 best free games on Android, here is the top 5 best free games for iPhone, get ready to download new applications soon.


Number 1:

You probably know games such as,, or almost all applications ending with “.io”? They were all designed by the Voodoo editor. Unlike its predecessors, has a more developed design, with small 3D men, which differentiates it from its colleagues! The visual has been worked on, making the game more addictive with flamboyant colors! The goal of the game is to push the players off the map, and to become fat and strong in order to be the last survivor! You will have many different levels and landscapes. So, if you are interested in being the greatest conqueror, we invite you to download it! This application has 4.4 stars on the Apple Store.

Number 2: Hello Stars

In this Hello Stars application you play as a little red ball that must touch all the stars on your screen. You must arrive from point A to point B through all the stars, so you must be reflective! As the difficulty increases, you go through many levels, and the objects are usable to achieve your goals! If you like strategic games, then this one is for you! This Hello Stars application has 4.4 stars in the Apple Store!

Number 3: Tenkyu

Publishers definitely like ball games! Because the Tenkyu application is simply a ball that you will have to roll without dropping it off the board! Will you be able to establish the strategic plan to ensure that your ball reaches its destination safely? In this 3D world you will have to be very careful if you want to finish the game. Challenge your friends, and establish the best score! Try to go as far as possible, different steps await you. And guess what?! The Tenkyu application also comes from the Voodoo editor and has a 4.3 star rating.

Number 4: Helix Jump

Like most free applications, Helix Jump comes from the publisher Voodoo. And of course, you are once again playing a ball since this is the fashion at the moment! This bouncing ball must pass through a spiral labyrinth without touching the ground, because otherwise the ground gets stained and you lose the game. Small visual effects entertain you, and this game turns out to be just as addictive as the others. Join the exciting adventure of this little ball, and adopt the Helix Jump application! This free application has a 4.4-star rating on the Apple Store.

Number 5: Fortnite

After having had a phenomenal success as a free console video game, Fortnite is back but this time on smartphone! You can now continue your Battle Royale, even in transport! Be the last survivor of the map, and kill the other 99 opponents by building ramparts and destroying others’. Don’t forget to equip yourself with weapons and set traps to win the game! There are also event tournaments, with online competitions accessible to all! What are you waiting for? Everyone’s already on it! The Fortnite application has a 4.5-star rating on the Apple Store.

That’s it, you’ll have something to do to entertain yourself on your travels!